August 8, 2023 - August 13, 2023


The home of The Best Dunes in the World, The Best Scenery in the World, and The Best People in the World. The Reedsport / Winchester Bay Chamber of Commerce is proud of this reputation and proud to present this five-day event full of exciting and fun activities

Dunefest is the largest event held in Winchester Bay, OR. This event exploits the natural beauty of the Oregon Dunes in Winchester Bay and attracts Sand Buggies, All Terrain Vehicles, Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes to Reedsport and Winchester Bay. The event includes tons of contests in the dunes, events, music, and a variety of vendors.

At Dunefest, there is something for everyone! There are activities for all skill and age ranges and enough to keep a whole family busy with a jam-packed schedule!

Oregon Dunefest Jump
Oregon Dunefest Racing Vehicles
Oregon Dunefest Vehicles

Contact Info

Oregon Dunes Recreation Area
Winchester Bay, Oregon 97467


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