September 3, 2021 - November 27, 2021

Time in two directions – 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition

Time in two directions is a group show that celebrates jdc Fine Art Gallery’s 10 year anniversary. jdc Fine Art : Contemporary Art Gallery and Fine Art Dealer was established in 2011 and remains dedicated to contemporary art with a sense of consciousness. They champion artists whose work serves a higher purpose: expanding our perspective while contemplating contemporary issues and universal questions.

The Time in two directions exhibition will celebrate their past, feature recent discoveries, and foreshadow new directions of intention. The group show will include work by 17 artists, represented artists, previously exhibited artists, and new artists among them. All were included in jdc Fine Art’s 2020 You and Yours (online) exhibition. Together the work of these contemporary artists address what for jdc Fine Art are foundational subjects of concern. Through Time in two directions they harmonize voices that respect tradition but dismantle hierarchy. They seek alliance with the universal continuum. They honor the sacred, bow to the trespassed, and acknowledge the unseen. They suggest connection.

Contact Info

7755 N Hwy 101
Gleneden Beach, Oregon 97388


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