OMSI – Outdoor School

Experience a one-of-a-kind, completely customized outdoor science learning opportunity with varied curricula for grades 1–12. We work with you to tailor the program to a particular concept or benchmark of your choice using living ecosystems and fresh air as teaching tools.Days are packed full, from an optional walk before breakfast to an evening program and camp fire after dinner, plus cabin time and free-play recreation. Using your customized curriculum as a guide, students are led by professional OMSI educators in groups of 15 on 5-hour Field Study lessons and 1.5-hour Interest Groups. 

Outdoor School at the Oregon Coast: The Coastal Discovery Center at Camp Gray, located in the inspiring science hub of Newport, allows students investigate the connections between ocean currents,geology, and ecological adaptations to better understand the web of life that depends on our one world-wide ocean. 

Outdoor School in the Desert: Hancock Field Station, located in the Clarno Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in central Oregon, has access to one of the world’s most significant fossil sites,nearby canyons, archaeology sites, and the Pine Creek Conservation Area. In the nearby sedimentary rock formations,the fossil record unlocks the geological history and evolution of life and climate in Oregon.

OMSI Coastal Discovery Center OMSI

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3400 SW Abalone St
Newport, Oregon 97365


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