Sandlake Country Inn

Enjoy the privacy of a hotel with the amenities of a bed and breakfast at Sandlake Country Inn.

Forget about the traditional image of a B&B. Now think privacy, romance, room service and modern amenities along with rustic charm. That’s what Sandlake Country Inn, an Oregon coast bed and breakfast, is all about. Many couples that stay are celebrating their honeymoon, anniversary, babymoon, or other special occasions.

Located just 1 mile from the ocean and an 8 minute drive from Pacific City along the Three Capes Scenic Loop. This Oregon coast bed and breakfast has a relaxed atmosphere and is comfortable Oregon coast lodging. Let Sandlake Country Inn show you the alternative to a hotel or motel with this beautiful country farm house near Pacific City, Oregon. 

Enjoy a 4 course breakfast and beverages delivered to your door each morning. You can experience privacy unlike any other bed and breakfast on the Oregon Coast. Sandlake Country Inn is the Oregon coast bed and breakfast for people who are hesitant to try a B&B! The property is also fully licensed as a small restaurant and offers an add-on room service dinner.

Sandlake Country Inn.jpg
Sandlake Country Inn

Contact Info

8505 Galloway Road
Cloverdale, Oregon 97112



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