July 22, 2023 - July 23, 2023

Ride the Dirt Wave – Bandon

Ride the Dirt Wave is a new series of Mountain Bike rides and races on the Oregon Coast.

Come out and Ride the Dirt Wave in Bandon, Oregon – part of a 3 location ride and race along the Oregon Coast!

Saturday, July 22 & Sunday, July 23, 2023

Whiskey Run Trails, Bandon, Oregon

More about Ride the Dirt Wave:

Participate in rides from June – August in different cities along Oregon’s Coast region.

Ride the Dirt Wave offers two days of riding in each location. Day one has several ride options open to many levels of riders. These rides will be led by the local bike clubs and trail groups that built and maintained the trails. These will be “fun rides” to showcase the favorite trails in the area and be open to a broad range of people. Food, beverages, music, and information on the trails, clubs, and local area will be provided.

Day two is race day! The Flow Duro Challenge Race is a fun, fast-paced, timed competition down a short, flowy, primarily downhill trail. It combines all the favorite elements of friendly competition down sweeping trails with a small amount of climbing and a large amount of fun.

Each race takes place at a different location on the Oregon Coast, with different terrain, difficulty, length, elevation, and times. There will be two timed runs down the course, and the fastest time will be kept. You are encouraged to attend all three races to be in contention for the “Champion of the Dirt Wave Series.”

Fun on a fat tire at Whiskey Run Trails OCVA
Catching air at Whiskey Run OCVA
Tons of downhill at Whiskey Run OCVA
The sunlight peaks through the trees at Whiskey Run OCVA
Trailhead at Whiskey Run Trails OCVA
Muddy bikes resting after a ride at Whiskey Run OCVA

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Bandon, Oregon

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