Clemente’s Restaurant

The Clemente Family hailing from Bari, Italy has a long history of preparing traditional foods. Chef Gordon Clement was immersed in the world of cooking from a very young age, both at his fathers restaurants and in daily life in the Clement home. Gordon has taken his traditional Italian roots and training and combined it with his passion for local, organic and carefully prepared natural foods. <br> Hailing from a fourth generation Astoria salmon fishing family with Croatian roots, Lisa Clement brings a passion for health and sustainability to Clemente's. Her background in ancient medicine and food based cures combined with the passion for "slow foods" and beautiful presentation brings a contemporary flare to Clemente's. <br> Together we strive to generate global awareness by providing healthy, local, seasonal, wild foods, reducing our carbon footprint and making a difference within our community.

Contact Info

1335 Marine Drive
Astoria, Oregon 97103


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