Newsletter - Oregon Coast Visitors Association


  1. Winter Fishing on the South Coast

    Posted by The Oregon Coast / December 31, 2019

    Travis Bowman still remembers every detail of his first catch. It was a winter steelhead, landed in the lashing rain at Kimball Creek Riffle on the Rogue River. Even though he was only 7 years old at the time, he still remembers the fishing lure he used: a watermelon spin glow. It’s those sorts of memories that Bowman is helping create today as a Gold…

  2. How to Visit Your Favorite Movie Sites

    Posted by OCVA / November 1, 2019

    Fans who wax nostalgic over the 1990s classic “Free Willy” consider it a badge of honor to know the precise spot where Willy jumps over the seawall to freedom in the final scene. Now, thanks to a partnership between Oregon Film, its nonprofit OregonMade Creative Foundation, the Oregon Coast Visitors Association, Astoria Warrenton Chamber of Commerce and other local entities, you can visit that spot and…

  3. Catch the Crabbing Action

    Posted by OCVA / November 1, 2019

    Did you know Oregon has a state crustacean? It’s the mighty Dungeness crab, which is one of the meatiest and sweetest crabs out there — tasty and available on menus year-round, but at its peak-season freshest in winter. December through mid-August (check MyODFW for specific dates), you’ll find Oregon’s commercial fishermen hard at work at Oregon’s coastal ports, catching and supplying restaurants and markets. Here’s…

  4. Waterfalls and Winter Hikes

    Posted by OCVA / November 1, 2019

    There’s a saying hardy Oregonians like to use: There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices. Sure, it may be rainy, muddy and chilly during parts of the winter months — but with proper gear and a cheery outlook, you can embrace the season for what it is. In fact, there’s no better time to celebrate Oregon in all of its lush…

  5. Holiday Lights and Other Don’t-Miss Events on the Coast

    Posted by OCVA / August 27, 2019

    Young or old, who isn’t enchanted by thousands of twinkling lights in the shape of animated orcas, leaping frogs, herons, seals and dozens of other creatures in an undersea garden? More than 50,000 visitors flock to Oregon’s South Coast each year to see the Holiday Lights at Shore Acres State Park (Nov. 28-Dec. 31) in Charleston, one of the biggest and longest-running events on the…

  6. Top Cool Treats on the Coast

    Posted by OCVA / July 9, 2019

    Whether you’ve been on the road all day, on the water, on the sand or in the forest, we all need to cool down and quench our thirst in the summer heat. Where to go for refreshment? We’ve done the homework for you and have these top spots for icy summertime treats to try next time you’re exploring the Oregon Coast.  A favorite by visitors…

  7. How to Catch Your Dinner on the Coast

    Posted by OCVA / July 9, 2019

    Catching your own fresh seafood on the Oregon Coast is a rite of passage anytime of year, but in the warmer months it’s a bit more accessible — with crabbing, clamming and fishing opportunities for all experience levels at your fingertips. If you haven’t tried it before, these long summer days will give you all the time you need. Here’s how to get started catching…

  8. Spend a Night at These Lesser-Known Coastal Lodgings

    Posted by OCVA / July 1, 2019

    The oceans and mountains, rivers and lakes along the Oregon Coast range are magical places to wake up every morning on vacation. But have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a working lighthouse, on a houseboat, at the base of an epic peak or at a secluded riverside tree perch?  How about a tiny house, a farm retreat and a B&B so close to the…

  9. Explore These Hidden Coastal Trails

    Posted by OCVA / May 3, 2019

    Most of us hit the trail on the Coast for the exercise, as well as the stunning scenery and fresh ocean air. Many are also in search of solace — a quieter retreat from the hustle and bustle of life, free from city noises and especially crowds. These lesser-known spots are up and down the Coast and ripe for exploring, if you know where to…