Newsletter - Oregon Coast Visitors Association


  1. An Artful Outing in Cannon Beach

    Posted by OCVA / November 23, 2015

    For a new twist on beachcombing, head to Cannon Beach for a wintery weekend of browsing and buying art. With more than a dozen galleries and a thriving arts center, Cannon Beach has been named one of “The 100 Best Art Towns in America” by author John Villani in his book of the same name. Many of the art galleries here are threaded along the…

  2. Winter Whale-Watching on the Coast

    Posted by The Oregon Coast / November 23, 2015

    Seeing one of the planet’s largest mammals – even from a distance – ranks among the most memorable and awe-inspiring experiences you can have on the Oregon Coast – or anywhere, for that matter. Early winter is a peak time for whale watching, as pods of gray whales migrate south after spending the summer feeding in the seas around Alaska. Nearly 20,000 whales pass through…

  3. Pedal-Powered Exploring Around Port Orford

    Posted by The Oregon Coast / September 28, 2015

    Launched in 2005 and unique in the United States, Oregon’s Scenic Bikeway program mixes culture, jaw-dropping scenery and wonderful cycling for an unforgettable pedaling experience. The newest addition to this trail system is the Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway. Anchored in the quaint fishing town of Port Orford, this Bikeway offers 60 miles of moderate trails shaded by lush, old-growth forests. Scenery along the way…

  4. Destination Yachats: Small-town Charm

    Posted by The Oregon Coast / September 28, 2015

    Nestled where the forest meets the sea, Yachats (pronounced ya-hots) is a wee village with outsized charm. It’s where you’ll find some of the best bites on the Coast, miles of trails, scenic vistas, marine gardens and more to keep you busy during a relaxing weekend stay. For such a small town, Yachats (pop. 690) boasts a surprising number of eateries. Follow the locals to…

  5. Six Classic North Coast Bookshops

    Posted by The Oregon Coast / September 28, 2015

    Whether you seek breezy page-turners or engrossing books meant for stormy weekends, we’ve selected a handful of our favorite booksellers (listed according to location, north to south) on the North Coast that will please even the most discerning bookworms. Godfather’s Books (Astoria) A comprehensive selection of new and used books, a funky atmosphere, and an in-house café make this a one-stop shop for an afternoon…

  6. Destination Pacific City: The Secret Coast

    Posted by OCVA / July 27, 2015

    Located just 25 miles southwest of Tillamook on Highway 131, Pacific City is a sleepy little beach town in the heart of the Three Capes Scenic Loop. This hidden gem on the North Coast is home to fewer than 1,100 full-time residents, which makes it a wonderful getaway. With a wide, sandy beach, a lung-busting dune to climb, and the lesser-known Haystack Rock (locals refer…

  7. Sand Master Denny Dyke

    Posted by The Oregon Coast / July 27, 2015

    Visiting the beach for a long walk and spiritual rejuvenation is nothing new, but Coquille-based labyrinth artist Denny Dyke takes the idea to a new level, with his intricate sand drawings that have captivated locals and tourists alike. An ancient form of walkable art, labyrinths are twisting paths designed for meditative use. There is one way in and one way out. Simply walking the flowing…

  8. 10 Fresh Spots for Seafood on the Coast

    Posted by The Oregon Coast / July 27, 2015

    A trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete without fish and chips or clam chowder. But even better — how about bringing a taste of the Coast home? Or cooking it over your campfire or in your rental kitchen? We polled our Facebook friends to find out where to go for the freshest albacore, sweetest Dungeness crab and most succulent Yaquina Bay oysters. Check out…

  9. Yaquina Head – Outstanding in Every Way!

    Posted by The Oregon Coast / June 1, 2015

    Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area is one of Oregon’s most enduring attractions, and for good reason. The 100-acre park — just three miles north of Newport — features awesome natural beauty and fascinating history, as well as opportunities to observe the staggering diversity of wildlife on the Oregon Coast. The centerpiece of the park is Yaquina Head Lighthouse. When it opened in 1873, its 93-foot…