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Industry Stories

  1. Grants offer good news

    Posted by OCVA / July 14, 2020

    Small businesses on the Coast are known for their grit and commitment to their communities. During the pandemic, those characteristics have shone even more brightly. Recent grants from Travel Oregon and the Oregon Hospitality Foundation have recognized those efforts and helped give a boost to the region’s small, local tourism businesses.  In June, Travel Oregon announced the COVID-19 Emergency Response Grant Program, through which it…

  2. Coast businesses embrace virtual events

    Posted by OCVA / July 14, 2020

    Oregon Coast festivals are as iconic as grey whales, nesting guillemots and “The Goonies.” But these days, with large gatherings on hold, festivals will not be taking shape as usual. Still, many festival organizers, committed to keeping the spirit alive, have jumped into virtual events. Armed with an enthusiasm for embracing new technologies and love of their traditions, festival organizers are earning successes and learning…

  3. Visitor sentiment reports help businesses plan for the future

    Posted by OCVA / July 14, 2020

    What do visitors want? It’s the perennial question in the tourism industry and the answer has never seemed more complex. As Oregon and the nation begin to reopen, now is a great time for businesses to prepare for visitors to return. When they come, they will undoubtedly have new travel habits and changed expectations. One way to get a handle on these trends is to…

  4. Local Foods + Local Investments = Local Resiliency

    Posted by OCVA / May 1, 2020

    If there’s one silver lining during this storm of COVID-19, it’s local resilience. To match the heartbreaking news of closing businesses and historic numbers of unemployment, Oregon’s communities have demonstrated their resilience powerfully and gracefully. On the Coast, small towns and their dedicated citizens have been investing in local businesses and local food systems like never before. So how does that fit into the mission…

  5. A Message in a Bottle

    Posted by OCVA / April 8, 2020

    For thousands of years, coastal romantics and oceanic researchers have placed messages in glass bottles and sent them out to sea. Sometimes they wanted to prove how ocean currents move. Other times important news was shoved into a glass bottle and thrown out as a last resort to let people know of new worlds. And of course, love letters, poems and words of a long-distance…

  6. Public Art Trail gets a boost with three new hires

    Posted by OCVA / February 3, 2020

    An ambitious plan to discover, document and share the Oregon Coast’s wealth of public art is underway again after a two-year hiatus. Three contractors are currently at work for the Oregon Coast Visitors Association, sleuthing out all the public art that exists along the Oregon Coast. Their findings will get distilled into the Oregon Coast Public Art Trail, a self-guided tour that highlights the arts…

  7. North Coast Launches Trailhead and Beach Ambassador Program

    Posted by OCVA / February 3, 2020

    A wise traveler knows the value of local knowledge, and that’s what visitors to the North Coast get with a new Trailhead & Beach Ambassadors program. This summer, local volunteers will staff pop-up tents at three of the North Coast’s most popular destinations, ready to answer questions and educate visitors in a friendly and inviting way about public safety and proper stewardship practices.   “The ambassador…

  8. Co-op Program Helps Coastal Communities Get the Most out of Google

    Posted by OCVA / February 3, 2020

    There’s a pretty good chance you’ve tapped into Google today—to take a look at the weather forecast, queue up directions, or maybe check the business hours of that take-out place you’ve been meaning to try.    The ever-present search engine also is playing a larger and larger role in influencing consumers’ travel decisions. Along with curating the information that shows up in online searches, Google is…

  9. Marcus Hinz: Overseeing 363 Miles of Relationships

    Posted by OCVA / February 3, 2020

    Ask Marcus Hinz to name a favorite part of the Oregon Coast, and the Executive Director of the Oregon Coast Visitors Association barely takes a pause. “Estuaries,” he responds. “The volume and velocity of water constantly being exchanged just blows my mind. I understand the science behind it, but still it’s magic to me.”   As the founder of Kayak Tillamook, Hinz spent more than his…