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Three-Day Weekend Surprises, Finds in Newport

Posted by The Oregon Coast / February 5, 2016

(Newport, Oregon) – Valentine’s Day weekend and President’s Day Weekend: it’s the perfect storm of reasons to head to Newport – for both romancers and families. Two lighthouses, miles of amazing beaches (both in town and nearby), the rustic waterfront with its kids’ attractions, and some of the most interesting sights the central Oregon coast has to offer.

This year, there are some special finds as well, including possible weather surprises.

Agates are hot right now along the coast. Lots of stormy wave action has pulled much sand off the beaches in recent weeks, opening up quite a few gravel beds. Some areas of the central coast saw bedrock uncovered where it’s normally not seen, revealing massive finds of the multi-colored rocky treasures.

Tides and sand levels can change abruptly in a day, so you’ll have to simply show up at low tides and see what’s happening. In the Newport area there are many places where agates appear, such Moolack Beach and Beverly Beach at the northern edge of town. The marine gardens at the Devil’s Punchbowl can also be good, but keep a close eye on the tides there.

Just south of Newport, Seal Rock and Ona Beach also yield spectacular agate hunting.

Weather in February can be a major pleasant surprise for many. While it’s hard to pin down if and exactly when it will happen, the Month of Romance often has about ten days scattered throughout that boast unusually dry and even sunny weather.

In fact, many of these are downright balmy, featuring little to no wind. With no clouds and and a lack of wind, the beaches feel close to 70 degrees, even if the general temperature is in the 50’s.

Meteorologists say this is because the Oregon coast – just like the rest of the state – has gone through the wettest periods of winter, and the daylight hours have begun to really expand. This creates a general shift in the climate and allows for these kinds of surprises, whereas even spring break is often rainier than February.

Plenty of stormy days can happen in the month as well, but these runs of pleasant conditions happen almost every year.

For those planning a trip with the kids or a romantic getaway, the Newport Chamber urges you to book your room now. The same goes for a Valentine’s weekend dinner, as many restaurants are already at maximum. Industry insiders note that the romance packages offered by local lodgings are sometimes no more expensive than usual and they still pack on extra amenities. Call your favorite lodging choice to check.

For lodging and activity information and complete calendar of events see and 800-262-7844.

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