SOLVE beach cleanup set for Saturday, March 28 - Oregon Coast Visitors Association

SOLVE beach cleanup set for Saturday, March 28

Posted by The Oregon Coast / March 24, 2015

By Oregon Coast TODAY

On Saturday, March 28, the SOLVE Spring Oregon Beach Cleanup will again see thousands of Oregonians take ownership of their public beaches by scouring the sands for wayward litter and debris washed in from winter storms.

SOLVE Program Coordinator Joy Irby said a recent study published in the journal Science indicates that about 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year, having a large impact on the Oregon Coast.

“Because plastic debris does not biodegrade, but instead breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, it continues to be a major threat not only to Oregon’s wildlife, but also the health of our communities,” she said. “Each year thousands of marine mammals, turtles and fish are killed after they ingest or become entangled in plastic garbage and other types of litter.”

At last year’s cleanup, more than 4,800 volunteers removed nearly 50,000 pounds of debris from the coast, contributing to the 3.2 million pounds that have been picked up since the first coast-wide cleanup in 1984.

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