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Newport’s Highland Games Raises the Bar

Posted by The Oregon Coast / March 20, 2015

Newport, OR -The 5th Anniversary Celebration of the Newport Celtic Festival & Highland Games will return to the Lincoln County Fairgrounds on June 12th -14th, 2015.

This year the Newport Celtic Festival and Highland Games was accepted as meeting the criteria to become one of eight such events held throughout Oregon, Washington and British Columbia for the PNW Region’s newly formed, Scottish Games League (“SGL”).   The Oregon coast’s only Highland Games event is now listed on SGL’s official schedule of Highland Games events held across North America.

The SGL is a non-profit organization committed to promoting the Scottish Heavy Events while preserving the heritage of these ancient sports by building partnerships to enhance the spectator’s experience, advance athlete’s opportunities, and contribute to the growth of Scottish Highland Games Festivals.

2015 is the inaugural year for the SGL and they are starting with three competitor classes; Men’s A, Women’s Open, and Master’s Men. To learn more go to

The 5th annual Newport Celtic Festival & Highland Games has already begun preregistration for athletes which include competitors from novices who try their hand, all the way up to professional athletes.

Our field of competition has seen former “World’s Strongest Men,” professional Highland Games state and national champions and even novice competitors who have thrown field records their first time out, said Newport’s Athletic Director, Ray Mabey.

We encourage anyone who wishes to rise to the challenge of competing in the heavy events which include caber toss, sheaf toss, the Scottish Hammer, weight for distance, weight over bar (overhead) and the open and Braemar stone put.  Each competitor must attempt all events and earns points toward competing in the Nationals held at the Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania each year in September, he added.

To register for the 2015 Newport Highland Games competition, visit and click on our “Athlete Registration” link, or connect by e-mail at [email protected]

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