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Name the Oregon Zoo’s 5-week-old river otter pup: Vote for your favorite

Posted by The Oregon Coast / December 13, 2013

Keeper Virginia Grimley examines the river otter pup at 1 month old. (MICHAEL DURHAM/Oregon Zoo)

Oregon Zoo keepers fished around the state and came up with three potential names for the river otter pup born there Nov. 8. The fun part: Over the next week, you can vote on the zoo’s website for your favorite from among those three.

The zoo typically gives its river otters names inspired by the region’s waterways, and this pup is no exception. The options:

** Trask, after the river that empties into Tillamook Bay on the north Oregon coast. The river is named for Eldridge Trask, a 19th-century pioneer who settled along the bay.

** Zigzag, or the nickname Ziggy, after the Sandy River tributary that flows down Mount Hood and through Zigzag Canyon. The canyon’s name derives from pioneer Joel Palmer’s description after he descended it in the mid 1800s, according to the zoo.

** Willamette, or Willy for short, after the major Columbia River tributary that defines the Willamette Valley and runs through downtown Portland. According to the zoo, the name is said to derive from the French pronunciation of a Clackamas Indian village.

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Story by Katy Muldoon/The Oregonian
Photo by Michael Durham/Oregon Zoo


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