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Japanese Tsunami Debris: Oregon Making Plans

Posted by The Oregon Coast / November 15, 2013

The tide of Japanese tsunami debris washing up along Oregon’s coast slowed this fall, but it’s far from over. State officials are expecting more debris in the spring, and they’ll be meeting in Salem Thursday to talk about what’s coming.

NEWPORT, OREGON -- June 6, 2012 - Oregon was taken by surprise when a dock from Japan floated ashore at Agate Beach, just north of Newport. The dock not only presented a series of challenges but also became a huge tourist attraction. Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

The 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11, 2011 washed an estimated 1.5 million tons of buoyant debris into the Pacific Ocean. It began showing up on Oregon’s coast the following winter. A 66-foot section of concrete dock that washed ashore June 5, 2012 at Agate Beach State Park was one of the most notable pieces of debris to wash up in Oregon.

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Story by Rob Davis. Photo by Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian.
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