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Footprints in the Sand

Posted by Charlie / April 2, 2012

The beaches here on the Central Oregon Coast offer a variety of hiking experiences for the average or seasoned adventurer. For a dog like me …picking up agates, strolling in the surf or watching a sunset, or any combination of exposure to fresh air and beach smells is an exciting adventure.
When the weather is nice, or even when its not nice, I’m always ready to go walk any time, day or night. What better place than the Oregon Coast for an afternoon stroll. My parents usually keep me on a leash because I love people and kids so much and sometimes I am overenthusiastic and will come bounding toward them – all 90 pounds of me – I have learned that some people who don’t know I’m a lovable character might be intimidated or even afraid of me. I just want to come and say hello. So if you see me on the beach…please come over and say hello. I have left my footprints in the sand so you can find me easier. Hope to see you on the Oregon Coast soon!

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