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Storm walk on the beach

Posted by Helen Durst / March 9, 2012

My mother-in-law and I love to walk on the beach but the rest of the family want to do other things.  So we arranged for one family member to drop us off North of Gearhart, and another family member to pick us up a few miles south, a couple of hours later. There was a good storm blowing out of the North, we’d have the wind at our backs.
It didn’t take very long for us to realize we were not staying warm enough — the wind was blowing the rain at our backs so hard it was running down and filling our boots with cold water. We didn’t have cell phones then, and the drop off driver was long gone. Nothing to do but keep moving. We seriously thought we might not survive the walk. Luckily someone decided the storm was a bit too serious and our pickup driver started driving north on the beach after just one hour. We were so cold we could hardly slog one waterfilled boot ahead of the other, and it took hours of warmup before we could stop shivering.
Two of the many things I learned from my mother-in-law: Never turn your back on the ocean, and make sure someone knows you are walking the beach in a storm.

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