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Two Free Spirits on a Search for the Ocean

Posted by Jasmine Myers / April 25, 2011

I recently moved to eastern Portland from San Diego, CA, where I spent a four year stint after a 25 year stint in landlocked Indiana. The ocean got into my blood while I was there and since moving here to Oregon, I’ve missed it something terrible.

My husband’s cousin, Nikki, came in to Portland for a quick business trip and on a random Thursday afternoon suggested we hit up the Oregon Coast. It was late in the day, I was in the middle of work, but there are some things, you just must do.

We hit the 5 South and came through beautiful and scenic Corvallis, marveling at the sheep in the green field, the moss-laden forest, and then… wait for it… that breathtaking Pacific Ocean I’ve loved for so long.

We found our way to Newport just as the sun was going down for the night and we met & befriended a “fisherlady” with a radiant smile. She invited us onto her boat and we swapped stories of grand dreams: the boat was hers. We spent the rest of the night driving north along Highway 101. The small towns, the quaint and quiet windows, darkened for the evening, meadows rising and falling in the distance, lorded over by mountains heavy with douglas firs…. It touched us. It changed us. We swore we’d be back for more.

The Oregon Coasts won our hearts.

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