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I Met Him

Posted by Sandy Lanning / February 1, 2011

It was only our second date. We had met once before at a coffee shop in town. At that time we decided to come to the coast. There is something magical about the beach. It is like stepping off the planet into another world. The smell of the ocean in the air, the sound of seagulls overhead, the feeling of anticipation of something wonderful. The beautiful sunsets are enough to stir the most hardened of hearts.

We decided to meet at Gleneden Beach. I had not been there since I was a child so I was anxious to return. He had gotten there before me, so he was already barefoot on the beach. I hurriedly rolled up my pants, took off my shoes and joined him. The day was unusually calm. No wind, just sun and sand. We walked and talked for hours. At times stopping to pick up a shell or unusual rock to keep as a souvenir of this magical time. As the sun began to set, we grabbed a blanket and sat perched on a rock with a hot coffee in hand. We were awaiting the beautiful sunset that we had waited for all day. As the sun got lower in the sky it began to touch the ocean. We got very quiet for we had been told you can hear the sizzle of the sun falling into the ocean. I think I could hear that very thing. As darkness approached we made our way back to the car and left for that “other” world back home. I will never forget this magical time at the Oregon Coast.

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