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Romance on Oregon Coast

Posted by OCVA / January 13, 2011

By Julia Pislegina-Olson
Entered in our Win a Winter Getaway to the Oregon Coast Contest

I now live in Portland, but about a year ago I was a resident of Seaside working in Astoria. Oregon coast is an amazing place-so much to see: national parks, history, of course the beach. I met my now husband at my work, and at that point I was still very new to the Oregon Coast. Our first date he was very surprised how little I knew about Astoria and Seaside and all of the popular spots, so after the traditional dinner and a movie we went for a drive. Went up to the Astoria Column to watch the sunset over the Megler Bridge, went on a drive on the Gearhart/Warrenton beach, saw Peter Iredale shipwreck. For one of our next dates he took me to the Indian Beach and the Ecola State Park-amazing scenery! We had a fire on the beach and roasted marshmallows. Another date that we went on consisted of going fishing on the Columbia River and afterwards driving to the Oswald State Park for a picnic. Oswald State park was an amazing beach-so many colorful rocks, and water pools with marine life! Another favorite activity for us was going to the Silver Falls behind Astoria, it is amazing how much the waterfall and the little lake change depending on the rainfall that day, we watched the salmon trying to get upstream. Another neat place that my hubby showed me was Stone Lake, off the logging roads-the lake is full of little tritons and it is so peaceful and quiet! We fondly remember our first dates when we would get Fultano’s pizza and go to Sunset beach in his truck and eat it there watching the sunset. The Oregon Coast was a very romantic place for both of us and we look back on those adventures and come back to Seaside every other week to go discover something new.

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