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Nature’s natural healer

Posted by OCVA / January 13, 2011

By Debbie Hinkley
Entered in our Win a Winter Getaway to the Oregon Coast Contest

The first time I saw the Oregon coast, I was only 10 years old. It was a family tradition to take a trip to the Oregon coast every spring. But as I got older and began working and going to school, that precious family tradition fell by the wayside. During the years there were many times I longed to go back to the Oregon coast where I had made so many precious memories with my family. But due to working full time, going to school and raising my daughter, we had no time or the money it seemed. The Oregon coast has always held a special place in my heart and I shared my memories with my daughter. It was after my little brother’s death in 1977 my Mom and I made a trip back to the coast to have time away from everything and to heal. I remember the first smell of the salt water as we neared Newport and the excited feeling that swept over me when I saw the beautiful ocean. My heart told me I had come “home.” We spent a wonderful week driving up and down the coastline exploring the beautiful scenery and villages along the way. That trip enabled us to heal from the recent death in our family and for us to find the strength to go on. In 2006 my mother became terminally ill and I, as a Medical Professional, took care of her until her death in April 2007. It was only me and my daughter left of our family and the loss took a great toll on us. While going through my mother’s belongings, I found and old postcard we had purchased when we had been to Newport. Sweet, precious memories flooded my broken heart and I decided then and there that we needed a trip to “paradise,” the Oregon coast. So with heavy hearts we packed our suitcases and headed towards my favorite town, Newport. The closer we got to the coast; I could feel my soul begin to heal. I was hopeful and excited as was my daughter. She had never been to the coast, so this truly WAS a “great adventure” for her. I’ll never forget the smell of the salt water and the sight of Newport. It was just as I had remembered it! Our souls began the healing process. During our wonderful trip, we felt my mother’s presence with us and we rejoiced on the beach as the sun went down. The best memories of my life have been on the Oregon coast. I believe in my heart that God made the Oregon coast “nature’s natural healer.”

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