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Just Curious…

Posted by OCVA / January 13, 2011

By Melissa Vrell
Entered in our Win a Winter Getaway to the Oregon Coast Contest

It was a sunny and clear early evening in Seaside. At the time my family of 3 lived in a little bungalow mere feet away from the beach. Although our house was tiny, it’s proximity to the beach and surfable waves made it a palace to us. It was early Fall when we set out to the beach for my husband to catch some waves, my young son to play in the water and sand, and me to lounge in my beach chair with a good book. Picture perfect evening, as I sat quietly, watching my son concentrate calmly on his sand creations, peeking up to see my husband in his own serene world, I noticed two surfers in they’re wet suits surprisingly close to my husband. I wondered where they came from, for I hadn’t noticed them before. They seemed to have appeared out of no where these two. But as I squinted more, I realized they were not surfers after all (or were they??) but they were two giant Grey Whales swimming inches away from Tony! I stood up to shield my eyes, making sure this wasn’t a mirage, and screamed to my husband, not knowing that these were indeed harmless whales, and he waved back to me, signaling that all was well. I hollered at my son and ran up beside him and we watched together, dad lazily laying on his longboard, with two giant round grey masses swimming idly next to him as he rode back to shore. If I hadn’t been there I wouldn’t have believed it. As my husband came nearer, he was smiling and laughing, and just as he was getting to shore, the whales turned away and continued on they’re journey northward. We’ve now moved Northward, in a bigger home, baby on the way, but I will treasure these memories with the power and beauty of nature for the rest of our lives.

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