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It all starts here. . .

Posted by OCVA / January 18, 2011

By Brannon Masters

2nd Runner Up in our Win a Winter Getaway to the Oregon Coast Contest

My most memorable experience of Oregon is also the most memorable experience of my life. Earlier this year I found information online that Astoria was holding the 25th Anniversary of the Goonies movie (the definitive movie of my childhood), so without hesitation I bought a ticket, packed my bags and on the 1st of June I touched down in the city of Portland. From there, I met with a group of like minded people and we set off for Astoria. It was here, while queuing to pick up my tickets to the weekend’s events, I briefly met a sweet, flame-haired girl, but being too shy to really say anything, I grabbed my stuff and cut a hasty exit. I filled my time exploring this beautiful city – dining in it’s amazing eateries, taking in the wonderful sights and deliciously clean air and all the while taking more photographs than I could count. On the afternoon of June the 2nd , I took off down the dramatic Oregon coastline and arrived in Cannon Beach – And once again met the flame-haired girl and after proper introductions and a near nervous breakdown, we became inseparable. That night we took a drive up to Manzanita bluff, slowly winding our way through the dark trees in a borrowed car. We sat looking out over the vast ocean and glimmering lights of the nearby town – she became chilled and I offered her my coat – We stayed there talking for hours. I felt a little guilty at leaving the group down at Cannon Beach, so following a little procrastinating, we wound our way back down the road to them. It couldn’t have been more that 10 minutes after re-joining our group that we decided that time was fleeting and we should get to know one another better. With that in mind, we set off down the beach – past the looming behemoth that is Haystack Rock. We walked and walked until we happened upon a tiny dying fire in the sand, really no more than embers. From 12 midnight until 7 in the morning we remained there in each others arms sat among the worn white driftwood. It was there, under the bright stars, chilled by the cold wind on one side and warmed by the fire on the other – among the talking and comfortable silences we fell in love with each other. We were happily married on the 23rd of November and spend all of our free time working hard to one day come and live in the serendipitous state of Oregon.

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