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Fun at Ft. Stevens

Posted by Tracy Rush / January 14, 2011

July of 2004 we started a family ritual of spending the 4th of July holiday at Ft. Stevens State Park, this summer will be our 7th straight summer. The first summer at the campground our second daughter was just under 4 years old and after spending a couple of hours riding the bike trails around the park and then watching her big sister ride around the campsite without training wheels, she demanded that her daddy take the extra wheels off of her bicycle. She very proudly learned how to ride her bicycle that week without training wheels and has not looked back since.

Each year that we return to Ft. Stevens we think that we have done everything and seen everything we possibly could from nature movies to clam digging. But we always are able to discover more: many historical sights in Astoria as well as lunch at the Bowpicker and dinner at Pig’N’Pancake, and later the great fireworks show that the city puts on; last summer we discovered the underground tour at Ft. Stevens (it is not to be missed!); we explored Warrenton’s 4th of July Parade and celebration at the park and found there was much fun to be had!!

This is one family tradition that we are determined to follow year after year, we make our reservations as soon as they are available (nine months to the day we will arrive!)

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