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Yaquina Head Could Be Early Show Starting Point

Posted by OCVA / November 2, 2010

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area has the possibility of hosting the kick off of a 10 day reality style series starring David Price, the weather man from the CBS Early Show.  But we need you to vote to make it happen!  Go to:


Your vote for Yaquina Head would bring the Early Show to Oregon where we can demonstrate to a national audience one of Oregon’s special places and the generosity of the people across the state.  Please take time to vote for the “Tallest” lighthouse in Oregon.  Vote for David to start here on this picturesque peninsula.

There is stiff competition with the other four selected possible starting sites. So networking will be important. Email, Face Book, Twitter, Instant Message, or even use the old fashion phone to get the word out to make Yaquina Head the place David Price will start his journey home.

Hurry!  Voting ends November 10 at noon est.

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