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Dreams Do Come True

Posted by Scott & Sharon Likwartz / November 4, 2010

My husband and I had always known we would not stay in Texas forever…and yet, it seemed we had gotten into a groove and couldn’t break away…Until we visited the Coast of Oregon!

Our plan had always been to move to Jackson Hole Wyoming, were my husbands family have lived, most of their lives. By chance, Scott’s Dad and Mom then relocated to Portland. It only took one visit to their vacation home in Seaside, to change all of our previous plans.

Once there, while strolling down the Promenade, we turned and looked at one another and with light bulbs over our heads, knew…this is where we were suppose to be.

Shortly afterward….we put our home in Texas, on the market…and bought the home of our dreams…in Seaside!

Never let your dreams go unaddressed! If it feels right…then go for it! Because…Dreams do come true…!

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