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Look! A Hermit Crab!!

Posted by Darlene Curtis / August 31, 2010

About once a year we see our darling Grandsons. With such a long time between visits, we often wonder if they will remember us and the things we do. Most of you will remember that this spring was a bit cold and cloudy. The weather forecasters, not to be depressing would say, “today’s weather will be pockets of sunshine”. The boys were here for their annual visit at the end of May this year. We spent a week at the beach in Waldport, OR with side visits to the incredible aquarium in Newport and a morning during low-tide at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area that I would like to re-play over and over as it was one of the best days ever! As a young girl, I remember my first Park Ranger led fireside talk at a National Park and have always been in awe of the National Park Rangers, their knowledge and their dedication. Cape Perpetua was no exception. The Ranger led us out over the jagged rocks and found the hidden treasures we might have missed on a casual tide pool walk on our own. Our Grandsons learned so much from the Ranger and loved the day. We walked on the sand well below tide level with sea stars overhead! It was spectacular. On the drive home, our youngest Grandson kept saying “Cape Perpetua” to himself, the word felt good in his mouth and the day etched in his heart. During a phone call just a week ago, our Grandson asked if we were at the beach and if there was a “pocket of sunshine”. I guess they remember and I can never forget!

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