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Beach House – Surf Pines Lane – Waldport

Posted by Josie Chan / August 19, 2010

01 July, 2010 Cloudy

This is one my dream house I can tell. I feels I had been here before, but I can’t remeber how long ago.

I hear some bird singing, so I know time to wake up. I put my clothes on and went to out side garden. I know so many flowers will open today. Yes, they still have dew looks like pearls. The wind touch my ear softly. I find a pair rabbit paying fun under the trees. I real don’t want to bother them.

I go back to bed room. My honey he sleep like a babe bear. I know he needs more rest. I make a pot of tea to backyard sitdown. The ocean very peaceful then last day. My mind is very peaceful too. In my eyes, have a couple with a dog on the beach. That silly little dog he like to chasing these seabird. I think it is nothing better then read a book today.

02 July, 2010 Raining

I sleep very good last night. I finds that I begin likes raining days.

I smell fresh coffee in air before I open my eyes. I put my foot on soft slipper and move to sitting room. He was ring there looking for something by telescope. He give me his telescope quickly, he said: “Look! It’s whale, mother with a baby.” I am so exciting to watch these real whales paying around for a hour. I feel a little missing after they gone. but still have so many seals surf there all day long.

We went to a little town in north part two miles from here in evening. We brought a chicken and a battle wine, all so some firewood and candle. He know I cook barbecue chicken good.

I light up our fireplace and several candle before getting dark. We very enjoy these fire with his. I feels so warm in my heat.

03 July, 2010 Shower

I am no sure I am being lazy or getting old. I take a good nap today. I don’t know what time is it when I wake up. I should go out to ask him.

He was ring there on the sofa. He give me a sign to keep me quiet, and then he point to outside of window.

It’s amazing, there is a colorful rainbow over the ocean, a few branch sunshin comes out of the cloud, a lot birds in the little garden have fun, some birds just taking shower on the sculpture pool for bird drinking. looking for these happy bird, so many forgetful good memery come through my mind. This world is so wonderful.

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