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The Fireworks that Never Were

Posted by Sally Morris / July 2, 2010

This is a recent story. Last year, to be exact. My dear friend, Susan, had a duplex overlooking the Newport harbor and had invited us to come for a great bbq with friends and the best viewing ever for the traditional Yaquina Bay Fireworks show.

We were thrilled, because although we have a cabin at Otter Rock and have been known to go up on the Cape Foulweather lookout on a July 4th, we have only seen the display at a great distance.

Early evening found us eating and celebrating with a large group of friends, all packed into the front room of the house and the outside deck which offered an unobstructed view of the harbor and the Newport Bridge. We were truly thrilled to finally see this great display.

The hour approached. The darkness fell. The fog rolled in…..on little cat feet perhaps, but very, very thick fog. We were all speechless. What would happen? It was the appointed hour to begin setting off the rockets, fountains, artillery and “cake.”

Suddenly we heard the boom. All eyes were riveted on the sky and what we saw made our patriotic, hopeful hearts sink. We saw a slight coloration in the fog above us. That was all. No sparks, no lights, no flowers, only the occasional muffled boom.

Sigh. We were incredibly disappointed and after ten minutes of viewing the slightly pastel fog, we departed for home, back in the Valley. We heard from our Newport friends that the fog lifted 20 minutes after the “finale”.

We are heading back to that apartment again this year and just pray for a bit of luck, a bit of wind, and a bit of spectacular fireworks over our beloved Newport harbor.

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