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Hidden Treasures

Posted by Mollie Lemm / April 15, 2010

My family and some of our friends went down to the Oregon coast for a week. It is our absolute favorite place to vacation! We go almost every year and stay in Lincoln City. Our dog, a very energetic black lab, loves running along the beach fetching a ball or stick. It is also her favorite place to go. This particular year, we did more walking up and down the beach. Olive, (my dog), ran everywhere. Instead of just walking with us, she ran until we called her back. She would come barreling at us at full speed, only to swerve a few inches, stop herself, and come trotting back to our side, a stick in her mouth. She would try to get someone to throw it for her, nudging their hands until they accepted her slobbery present. My dog, who was getting older, even though she was still a puppy, couldn’t keep this up for very long. On the third or fourth day, while we were sitting on the beach after a long walk, in which my dog had run far and wide, she finally collapsed. She had lain down and couldn’t get back up. Being the people that we are, my friend Maddie and I decided to have some fun. We buried Olive completely in sand, something she would never have let us do if she could move. We tied a bright yellow bandana around her head, also something she would never have let us do. It was quite a sight! We also buried one of my friend’s dogs, a little corgi. These were our hidden treasures. Olive eventually recovered her strength and was soon going on walks with us again. This is one of my favorite beach stories, among many at the wonderful Oregon coast.

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