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Married and Writing at the Coast

Posted by Cindy Tilkens-Jennings / March 29, 2010

I sat this morning at the beach sipping my coffee and penning these words… Words to be used later in a book.
“They come to the Sea- One by One in Solitude, Two by two, Together. In groups of Three, Four, or more they bring their babies, and little children to soak the sights, and sounds of turbine rollers, sparkling, tumbling and curling in rhythm toward the sand. They stand spell-bound by its power- motionless in awe of its beauty, enveloped by the rush and the roar.

I’ve written here before… but my new news is that Randy and I were married here at the Coast. We have found renewal here and I find new inspiration to write again-

This AM I went on to write, ” They bring their secrets and their pain to the sea, standing at its edge releasing, claiming to get a morning walk, or view a glorious sunset, to walk their dog, capture picture memories, and all the while the waves wash their healing balm over all without exception…. and without prejudice or preference. A single mom- brings her baby alone and seems to peer across the ocean into the past and into her hopes for the future- looking westward to the horizon. She releases the betrayal on the shoreline. The mature couple, seasoned with salt and pepper hair, stroll together , releasing the worries over grown children and grandchildren… sending prayers for each at the oceans edge. Some come dealing with illnesses and wonder where they will be next year, or next month. Alive or beyond this life- they will be somewhere. They wonder. Some walk with memories of lost loved ones, others come to celebrate sorrows overcome and new joys found. They come with their secret thoughts and release pain and joy on the shores of the ageless, boundless, enduring sea.” penned Mar. 27th in Lincoln City 7:30 AM… by Cindy Tilkens-Jennings (new bride)

I am inspired here on the coast. I’ve walked out of a hospital that I never thought I’d leave healing from Broken back, broken neck, crushed face, and deaf in one ear. A year and a half later, moved 3000 miles back to the Oregon Coast to marry and be renewed in Joy. I find comfort in the Coast. Your readers might enjoy the Video “Song in the Night” the Music I recorded in Nashville, and the photos recently taken here on the coast from Bandon to Pacific City, found at Something is being birthed in me during this season at the Coast- and I am excited to share the JOY!

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