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The Heart of Oregon

Posted by deb rudy / February 4, 2010

On a road trip to Crater Lake, I was so impressed with the beauty of Oregon that I changed my plans and stayed for an extra week! I traveled through the Rogue River valley from the mountains to the sea. Where the Rogue meets the Pacific Ocean, I found a community of warm hearted souls and their folk art wooden cat mansions on a cliff above the ocean. The seafood, the ambiance and the charming little shops and bookstores along the coast are legendary!

The heart of Oregon can be found in its vibrant natural colors, its friendly humans, and the incredible coastal scenery. The treasures of my trip include not only warm memories and of Oregon’s sea stacks, bleached beach logs and mountain to ocean vistas, but also the pure white fogbows of Gold Beach and its beautiful golden and sea green beach stone hearts.

The heart of Oregon has found its way into my own heart. And has become a place I long to see soon again!

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