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The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Posted by ann hoste / January 5, 2010

Nick and I are avid fishermen here in Idaho where Kokanee is King. But for true fishing fun–nothing beats the Oregon Coast.

Our first trip took us to beautiful Newport– we spent Day One hauling crab pots in the bay–what a blast! We had so much fun we immediately booked a 10 hour bottom-fishing charter for the next day. That night, we enjoyed tasty crab with lemony-rich melted butter. Calories be damned–we were in shellfish heaven!

The weather for Day Two was perfect–sunny and calm–even in March. We motored out into the ocean and dropped our lines over the side. At first, it was slow. Where were the fish? Our captain switched on his fish finder and started circling the area, in search of elusive sea bass. Around, and around, and around we went, in ever tightening circles. And it worked. Fish on! But as I landed my first fish, I began to feel queasy. Another circle, another fish, and my stomach lurched. I tried to keep fishing, but 30 minutes and three fish into the trip, I gave up. I crept into the cabin and spent the remaining eight hours huddled under a wool blanket as the captain steered us around, and around, and around.

Believe it or not, I can’t wait to go back! But this time– with a big fish cooler and a strong motion-sickness remedy. Oregon, here we come!

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