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The beautiful Oregon coast

Posted by Gene & Julie Thomas / January 15, 2010

We drove to Portland, Oregon and then took the Scenic Route # l down the coast. We were so excited to see the Pacific Ocean for our first time because we live all the way over near the Atlantic Ocean. To think we had driven 6,000 miles just to see the coast line, we were not disappointed.

Our most wonderful sight was seeing the beautiful light house and being to walk up to eat and get the feel of what the lighthouse keepers much have felt. How important the lighthouse was to the ship coming in.

The rocks and waves emphasized even more the great need of the lighthouses and how important the lighthouse keeper was to those ships tossing about at sea. But then a light from that old lighthouse lit up the sky and ocean and all was well.

Our lives are like that. We are tossed about with things of the world but when we see the master of the lighthouse-our souls can say, all is well with my soul.

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