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Posted by R. Manson / January 5, 2010

In the winter of 1986 I was pregnant with my first child . My husband (at the time) and I lived in Lakeside. We loved to go down to Winchester Bay and I loved the foggy days. Because I was pregnant no one would let me do anything. Thankful for the foggy day I managed to sneak out on the jetty. I found a nice big rock to sit on and was just enjoying listening to the waves slap against the rocks when I happened to look down and saw a seal. That seal sat on the waves for the longest time until the screaming of my family scared it off. It helped me to relax and was the most peaceful time of my pregnancy. I have since went out on the jetty many times and have never had such an experience again. Winchester Bay is probably my favorite spot on the coast and even though I do not live there anymore ever time I make it back I make sure to stop.

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