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Winter on the Coast

Posted by Kate Higgins / December 29, 2009

My husband and I moved here from Va about 14 years ago and there is nothing more exciting and stimulating as a winter storm here on the Oregon Coast. Several years ago, we had the opportunity to take off for the weekend. Even though there was some really bad weather, we decided to drive up the coast to Yachats, OR. We had never been before and figured we could just stop and stay the night at any motel since it was the middle of the winter.
We couldn’t believe that the whole town was booked up! The only room available was the most expensive at the Adobe Motel but boy was it worth it! We had a fabulous dinner in the dining room, watching waves crash onto the lawn in front of us, then we went to our room for a soak in the hot tub with the fireplace blazing and the door opening out to the waves again, crashing close by. Later, we returned downstairs to the lounge and proceeded to party with everyone from all over Oregon, including all the servers from town. This was the most exciting place and the most amazing storm I have ever witnessed!
Oregon is just beautiful any time of year!

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  1. Greg H MPT says:

    Yachats is lovely isn’t it? I work that area of the coast now. How is Crescent City?

    posted January 3, 2010 at 3:12 pm
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