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Beach Fire Bonanza

Posted by Maureen McGuire / November 11, 2009

This August I joined my old college housemate and her husband and their 15 year old daughter (my goddaughter MacKenzie) in Manzanita for a week, We rented a spacious house about five blocks from the beach. Each night after dinner when it was nice and dark MacKenzie and I would take a stroll down to the beach . The first night we saw quite a few beach fires and wished we had one too. The next night there were fewer and we still yearned to have our own. The third night we arrived a little later and noticed there was a small beach fire with no one around it. It had been abandoned. We adopted it as our own and shared stories and talked. We carefully covered it with sand when we left. Each night thereafter we arrived late in the evening so we could adopt an adandoned beach fire. We would huddle and it was great fun to laugh and share special time together. I will always remember this special bonding time with my dear goddaughter MackKenzie.
Since we live on opposite sides of Washington state we don’t get together often but the Oregon coast brings us together in the summertime. WE LOVE IT and can’t wait to return next year!

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