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Angela’s Memories

Posted by Angela Burton / November 27, 2009

I have to say that some of my best memories are of the Oregon coast. The memories have always given my heart a little warmth with memories of my family and friends. As a child I remember going with my family including my cousins, and grandparents to the coast. I remember running along the beach, digging for clams, chasing each other with sea weed, jumping the waves, and finding empty shells on the sand. Afterwards we would head back to our campground stopping to pick blue berries and raspberries growing along the road. We would eat just as many as we picked. Sadly after my grandmother died we did not go back.

It was 10 or more years since I had been to Oregon when my friend and I went to Seattle. While we were there we both were telling stories about going to the Oregon Coast as children. So the next morning we got in our car and drove to the Oregon Coast. There we were both in shorts and t-shirts with the weather being around 45 degrees. So we went shopping at all the little stores by the ocean and bought sweat shirts.

We didn’t care that the clouds covered the sun or the fact we were basically the only ones on the beach. We ran from the car and into the ocean even though it was cold. The water was freezing, but we didn’t care as we jumped and played in the waves. You would have thought we were kids instead of in our 30’s the way where running around the beach. We stayed for about two hours and by then even a couple of Idaho girls were frozen. We went to our car soaked and numb; it was the best part of the trip.

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