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Oregon parks issues on-line coast trail maps

Posted by OCVA / October 13, 2009

By Terry Richard, The Oregonian

May 05, 2009, 10:00AM

A new detailed trail hiking guide to the Oregon Coast Trail has been posted on line by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

The guide includes 10 new distinct trail maps covering the 382-mile trail. Each map provides turn-by-turn directions, detailed maps for tricky areas and alternative routes.

Web visitors can print the sections they need at anytime.

OPRD’s announcement of the guide comes 50 years after the Oregon Coast Trail was first proposed, and 20 years since it became a recognizable hiking route.

The department plans to install new wayfinding signs on the entire route over the next two years to complement the new guide. Remaining trail connection issues will be reviewed in late 2009.

“Thanks to the Oregon Beach Bill and the passionate involvement of individual Oregonians, the Oregon Coast Trail allows Oregonians to see the splendors of Oregon’s beaches and rocky shores,” said Rocky Houston, Oregon State Parks recreation trails coordinator. “It really is unlike any other trail in the United States. It allows you to explore the Oregon coast on short, easy walks or on a long hike.”

— Terry Richard; [email protected]

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    Хороший день от побережья штата Орегон. Да, вы можете поста и ссылку на наш сайт. Спасибо.

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