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Eco Friendly Oregon Product with a French Twist

Posted by Clyde Showalter / April 17, 2009

Grand Opening May 1
Eco~Friendly Oregon Products with a French Twist

Bandon, Oregon, April 17, 2009 Calling it “a unique mélange of organic and chic, C’est Vert is a store for the environmentally minded, quality and fashion conscious consumer”, Colleen Showalter co-owner of C’est Vert introduced her store at a recent meeting. A native of the Oregon Coast she, her husband and father form the nucleus of a shop featuring product, artists, chefs, craftsmen and styles indigenous to her home state. Opening on May 1, 2009, the inspiration for the store came about during a recent trip with her family to the South of France.

Traveling through the French countryside and avoiding the big cities that have been commercialized and portrayed in hundreds of films “we traveled on a budget through areas that truly portrayed the beauty of the land and we realized how much it reminded us of Oregon.” The weather, the natural splendor, the eco-friendly culture and style brought home the similarities of these unique environments. It was a natural match, say’s Colleen. “As a youth I became very aware of how important caring for our environment is and it makes total sense to me that we should be reducing our impact on the environment. Oregon has always been ahead of the national curve in conservation and eco-friendly awareness so traveling through France and using items such as reusable shopping bags was easy.”

C’est Vert’s goal is to sell only items created in Oregon. Featuring award winning Belgian chocolates and truffles made in Bandon, funky, re-purposed, hand-crafted artisan jewelry, unique art pieces and photography, soy candles, bath products, books by Oregon authors and chefs, organic, locally grown lavender and gourmet food items. With a moderate price point, creative merchandising and an eco-friendly outlook, C’est Vert is acting locally and thinking globally.

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