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Will you marry me??

Posted by Ryan / March 13, 2009

I have traveled to different parts of the Oregon Coast with my family as a kid, and have absolutely loved everywhere I have been.  One of my all time favorite places to travel to is the Depoe Bay and Newport area. So now in my late twenties, I took my girlfriend with me and decided to go to the coast.   I didn’t tell her at first where we were going, just asked her to pack up and we will head out.  We left our home very late at night, and as she slept in the car.  I drove all night non-stop to Newport so that when she woke up, we would be at the ocean at sunrise.  Well, I had timed it perfectly, and we got there just about the time the sun rose, and she was very surprised to be on the coast and very excited.  We traveled around together all week, stopping at every store, beach, lighthouse, or anything else we could go see.  The stores were great, and the food was perfect. We enjoyed the fish aquarium very, very much, it was very interesting too see all those ocean going creatures.  We hit up the little stores, buying all sorts of stuff, so much that we could barely get the trunk closed!! Towards the last days of our vacation, we decided to take a walk on the beach in the evening.  I asked her to give me a few minutes and meet me down on the beach.  I ran down ahead, found a great location, and wrote in GIANT letters in the sand “Dawn, will you marry me?”  I ran back and met up with my girlfriend.  We walked and talked a while until almost reaching the letters I had written in the sand.  I asked “what is that in the sand up there??” acting very curious and confused….she walked up a little bit more and read what it said out loud, and of course very excited…and when she turned around towards me, I had already taken a knee with the ocean as my backdrop.  She was very very excited and happily said YES!! Since then we have taken many trips back to the same location to revisit the area…even though we have been everywhere and in every business….we go through all of it again.  We are planning out trip again for this summer, going from Astoria down to Newport.  Thanks for having the perfect places for vacations and for people to relax and enjoy themselves.
See ya at the beach…….Ryan and Dawn

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