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The Perfect Way to Beat the Heat

Posted by David / September 11, 2008

It started out as one of those hot summer days in Portland. After a third day of 100+ weather, we needed to get out of it, if even for only a few hours. We knew that the better part of Portland would be headed to the coast on a hot Saturday morning, but after cleaning up the breakfast dishes, we just had to pack up and go.

It took a while to get there. Traffic was heavy and the roads were slow, but finally we made it to Highway 101. A quick swing southward and we could see the ocean and feel the cool breeze that we were searching for. From there it was just a short drive to our favorite spot; Manzanita. You could miss it, if you didn’t know what you we’re looking for, but for us it’s our little slice of heaven.

We pulled into town and headed for the beach, our dog and two boys leading the charge. They knew a day in the sand was only blocks away, and nothing goes better than kids, dogs and lots of sand and water. We picked our spot out and planted ourselves. The boys set in to building the world’s greatest sand castle, and my wife and I pulled out our books and did something parents of young children don’t often get to do: relax.

Hours later, we piled back into the car. Sandy, tired, noticing those spots that we missed with the sunscreen, but happy. As much as we wanted to stay, life at home called us back, and we we’re treated to the site of a full summer moon looming over Mt. Hood as we headed back to Portland. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Days like these, are what makes living in Oregon so special.

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