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Cannon Beach wedding

Posted by Amanda / September 25, 2008

I have lived in Oregon all my life and spend a lot of time on the Oregon coast. I hold it very close to my heart. When my husband and I got engaged we did not want a big wedding, just something with our closest family and friends. We just wanted to be together. Also it didn’t help that we were both young and broke. We did not need much so we decided that we would just have a court wedding and a party/reception later. After I had made the preparations for the Washington County judge my husband tells me I need to call and cancel, he had booked a judge on the coast. I was a little confused seeing as we lived in Hillsboro at the time. He told me that I deserved more than a court wedding and we were to get married ON THE BEACH. For only $50 more the judge would go to any spot we wanted. We got married right in front of the rocks at Cannon Beach. I remember playing in that exact spot when I was a kid, never did I dream that one day it would be where I married the man of my dreams. We got married in Oct.  This year for our anniversary we are taking our 18 month old daughter to that spot that holds so many memories for us and create a new one by letting her play in the sand for first time.

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