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Why Move to Oregon

Posted by Anita / August 21, 2008

My husband and I and our two daughters, discovered Yachats and the Overleaf Lodge one summer when we came for the 4th of July and fell in love. Over the following years, we made a habit of visiting the Oregon Coast at least once a year for our annual summer vacation. We wanted to experience the coast in the winter, so we spent Christmas in Cannon Beach; though the weather was more like summer; we never had a more peaceful holiday. My husband and I were at a crossroads with careers and quality of life for our family and we had some tough decisions to make. We met the nicest couple who owned a shop in Cannon Beach who helped us realize that life is too short to wait and let fear of change rule our lives. Therefore, we made the decision to move to Oregon. We moved and have never looked back. My daughters are doing great in school, have made lots of new friends. I miss my family but we know our decision was the right choice. Now the coast is a hop, skip and a jump away any weekend of the year!

Anita Happy Valley, OR

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