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Jump in a lake – at the beach!

Posted by Jennifer / August 27, 2008

When you think of the Oregon Coast the first thing that comes to your mind is miles of gorgeous beaches, rugged cliffs and endless blue-green waves, am I right? But did you know the Florence area alone has 17 lakes and too many streams and creeks (or, cricks, as the locals say) to mention?

Some lakes have great names such as Tahkenich, Buck and Collard. Others, such as Erhart, are so tucked away; they barely exist on a map. There are big, popular lakes like Woahink, and for good reason: you can spend all day there, fishing, swimming and waterskiing.

I grew up around these lakes so I have a few favorites. Cleawox Lake, at Honeyman State Park, is next to a giant sand dune and I dare you not to run down it right into the crystal clear lake. I lived near Sutton Lake and I remember one epic trip in the family canoe with my baby brother and our Golden Retriever. We canoed from Sutton Lake, along the creek, to the Pacific Ocean. We felt like pioneers in uncharted waters as we drug the canoe over log jams as often as we paddled. But it was an adventure that always brings a smile to my face.

Alder and Dune Lakes are hidden away off Hwy 101 N near a campground of the same name. You can hike around Alder or just cast your line in Dune. There’s even a little market called Twin Lakes Store and I’ve never known if it refers to Alder and Dune or Sutton and Mercer. It’s a good stop for refreshments and maybe you can find out the answer. Or if you crave ice cream like I do, make a stop on Bay Street and have some homemade BJ’s Ice Cream. I recommend the Bittersweet Nugget!

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  1. Dad says:

    BJ’s and the beach are still here! A little windy but it’s better than smog alerts. I saw Walt Fossek 80+, windsurfing on the river near the dump so wind is good for him. He might be “a story”.
    I think Twin Lakes may refer to Sutton kind of being two parts with the narrow channel seperating them, not sure.

    posted September 5, 2008 at 5:06 pm
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