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Birthday Story

Posted by Linda / August 31, 2008

My husband flew my best friend in as a surprise for my birthday. It was in January. We have been friends for 50 plus years and she loves our coast so we always head there for a long visit. This year we stayed at the Hallmark in Newport, OR. I am a new cancer survivor and carry some side effects from my treatments. Usually we have separate bedrooms, but this time due to circumstances we thought we would try the same room with our own beds. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and she was up all night because of me. The next day we weighed our options. We didn’t want to go home, but it was looking like that was what was going to have to happen. The Hallmark was relatively full and we were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to help us. We were very wrong.

I called down to the desk and talked to Morgan. He gave me to a co-worker who was great. Not only did they find two rooms next door for us to transfer to, they helped us move our things. They also helped us with the room rates on both rooms. These people went out of their way to make our stay wonderful and very memorable. They further helped us by jumping my car because I left the lights on and the key in the ignition. They were right there with restaurants that met our needs and even went so far as to call one for us to see if it was still open.

My husband and I have returned for a visit when we took my Mom and Dad to the coast for my mom’s 80th birthday. Once again the employees faced our problems with smiles that were real and helped us have a wonderful birthday celebration.

Linda Sherwood, OR

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