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Bill’s Trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Posted by Dave / August 11, 2008

My wife and I took my two senior cousins, Bill and James, to the Oregon Coast Aquarium (Newport) because they like sea life and had never been to the central Oregon coast area. During the aquarium visit we noted a TravelOregon “Q” customer service pin on several employees and volunteers. I explained to my cousins that these “Q’s” meant that the aquarium staff was committed to offering the best customer service possible via making sure the customer always comes first. But, I would never have expected such wonderful – knock your socks off – service that we would receive during this visit. In short, the aquarium staff we encountered was most friendly and helpful.

In addition, one of the aquarium volunteers went out of her way to explain each and every exotic bird in the large aviary. My cousin Bill is a senior with hearing problems. He really enjoys birds, so when he had to ask the volunteer to repeat and repeat her explanation, the volunteer just kept smiling and showed real empathy for ol’ Bill who, at times, can try anyone’s patience. Moreover, the volunteer even got Bill a pencil and paper to take notes while also suggesting some books for Bill to check at the aquarium book and gift shop. Needless to say, Bill was so very impressed with his visit that he and his brother, James are writing us from Utah and saying, “We want to come back soon!”

Also, it’s no secret in our family that cousin James is a photo nut and he must have shot 100+ pictures during our aquarium visit, thanks to several volunteers at the sea otter exhibit who really bent over backwards to help James take photos of one of his favorite animals. James sent us some of these photos and the ones with him and the volunteers are happy ones with big smiles!

Dave, Florence, OR

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  1. Theresa says:

    When you’re visiting the Aquarium, you’ll have a couple good chances to check out the glass blowing scene in Newport. Pyromania has its studio a block south in Aquarium Village and across the road is The Edge Art Gallery.If you want to drive a little extra, there’s the Jennifer Sears in Lincoln City and Ocean Beaches is south in Seal Rock.

    posted October 1, 2008 at 1:36 am
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