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10+ Services and STAFF

Posted by Ann / August 19, 2008

My husband Terry and I traveled throughout Oregon last December. We were moving from Fairbanks, Alaska to Austin, Texas. It was going to take 8-12 weeks for our household goods to arrive in Austin and we were like nomads; visiting family and friends throughout the holidays. We took a break from the hustle and bustle and spent 4 days at the Salishan Lodge on the Central Oregon Coast. This turned out to be the highlight of our memorable trip to Oregon. Oregon is our home state and we always love returning to our favorite places. Terry is retired USCG and spent part of his career in Brookings and all up and down the Oregon Coast. I grew up in Southern Oregon and my family always took vacations to the beach every summer. This area has a place in our hearts. Since it does, it makes experiences like the one we had even more meaningful. It continues to live up to those memories.

From the warm welcome at the registration desk to the extraordinary services at the spa, the Salishan Lodge outdid themselves. It’s a lovely place to stay but it is the staff that makes it a 10+. We returned to the spa several times and each time the staff was always welcoming and helpful. Never did you feel that they were just doing the job.

Since that visit I have called the spa for a couple of things I saw there and again they went out of their way to help me locate and order them. A BIG thank you goes to the Salishan spa staff for a job well done.

Ann Austin, TX

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