Posted by OCVA / March 1, 2014

For the past decade, John Craigie has “lived the life romantic” of a continuously touring folksinger, taking his distinct musical style across the United States and the world. On Saturday, March 1, Craigie will bring his guitar-and-vocals folk-style troubadour-ing to the Lincoln City Cultural Center. This stellar evening performance will begin at 7 pm with a set by local guitarist Tom Owczarzak, aka “Tom O.”

The price for this unusual double bill will be just $12 in advance, or $14 at the door. Those tickets are on sale now at the LCCC, 540 NE Hwy. 101, or by calling 541-994-9994. Visa, MC and Amex are happily accepted.

A singer, songwriter and storyteller, John Craigie stays true to the essence of folk music, and the traditions of the seminal writers of our past century. With timeless melodies and insightful lyrics—interspersed with witty storytelling—his songs take many poetic turns before bringing his listeners back home. His themes range from social commentary to personal empowerment, political satire, and modern love.

Craigie’s live performances – in private homes, cafes, festivals, and sold-out venues – inspire and delight his audiences, who welcome him like a long-lost son and return to see him whenever he visits. He has traveled around the world, having played in all 50 states and beyond, bringing his music to nearly every corner of the planet. His fans span generations, political ideologies and geographic locations, but they are all charmed by the dynamic yet humble troubadour peering out from under his signature cap. John Craigie writes, sings, and plays for the people. You can learn more on his website,

Thomas Jan Owczarzak, known personally and professionally as “Tom O.”, is a guitarist and modern roots singer-songwriter whose musical journey begins in the wellspring of the blues but ranges far and broadly from there. Tom O. delivers in his “One man Show” with dexterity, energy, and passion as he presents a range of musical relationships with humor and emotion. 

Tom O. has played the guitar since the late 60’s, being of the last generation of teenaged working musicians before “disco killed the live band.”  In recent years Tom O. has worked to bring the joy of creating music to the young people of the state of Oregon through the Americana Project. Tom O. is also an international design award winning goldsmith/jeweler.

The Lincoln City Cultural Center offers performances, fine arts, art classes and visitor information inside the Delake School at 540 NE Hwy. 101. The March performance schedule also features Irish folk singer Danny O’Flaherty on March 3 and classical guitar by James Manuele on March 8. For tickets and information, call 541-994-9994, head to, or become a friend on Facebook.

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