Salt Makers Return

Posted by OCVA / September 27, 2011

The Saltmakers Return, sponsored by the Seaside Museum and Historical Society in conjunction with Ft. Clatsop Nat. Park and the city of Seaside, celebrates the 1805-06 Lewis & Clark Expedition by making of salt on the Seaside beach. Visitors will be representing Clatsop Indians who are coming to the salt camp to trade wild berries, fruit, meat and other 1806 trade goods for beads and bright pieces of metal. You will be met by professional first person character interpreters who will prepare you for your journey back to the 1806 salt camp. When you arrive at the sign “You are now entering the year 1806″ you will find men in costume, on the beach in Seaside Oregon, performing first person interpretation of the Salt Maker they are portraying. These men have studied their historic character and they perform the part in the jargon of 1806. Who do they do their performance with? You, the visitor! The first person interpreters will be scooping ocean water out of the surf, bringing it to the Salt Camp and actually making sea salt.?

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